Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hey there, kids who Im sure are insanely cool.

Your only insane because your looking at this, and Im sure that very soon you'll find out that this blog is only going to be a waste of your time.
Or, on the other hand, you could find it so amazingly wonderful that you have to keep checking it for new updates.
The first choice is probably most likely, but Id like to think that the second one will actually come into action some day :)

Anyway. Im nearly as cool as you guys. Most people would argue with that, but lets say for the sake of my self esteem that they're only jealous. Ive started this blog because, I have a very short attention span and get bored too easily. And, I like to write. Heaps. Which probably means Im a nerd, but remember. IM ACTUALLY REALLY COOL. :D Im only young, so this will probably be all over the place, and make no sense, but thats okay. It will make sense to me, which makes one person I guess. I dont even know what Im planning on blogging about just yet. Hopefully not fashion because I am mega-stinge and refuse to pay over $20 for a top. And you'd better wish its not celebrity gossip either, since I only just found out who Ellin Degenerous was. And then, I still dont think I can spell her surname right.
So, I think Ive come to the conclusion that Ill just be having a whinge about random topics. And ranting on about whatever comes into my head. If thats not for you, then fine. But hopefully theres somebody out there who actually likes reading about some pretty boring philosophical musings :) <-- Im trying to sound smart.

Also, I would prefer not being the only person to read this blog. So, I think you should read it too. Dont you agree, its more fun that way? And, it also makes me feel good. It'll make you feel good too, cause as soon as you start following it, you'll get a certification of coolness! (in your head)

Thats all for today, hopefully Im going to find some followers before I write something else. I really enjoy wasting peoples time, and I guess the more people I get on board the more fun it is for me. And you.

Have a nice day, and I dare you to come back for another visit :)


  1. welcome to the blogspot.. soon come with good contents..

  2. hey:) waitin to c wat u gotta say:)